Verdi’s Aida to be performed in Faro

AIDA, THE famous opera by Verdi, will be performed at the Fundação Pedro Ruivo in Faro on March 24, at 9.30pm, by one of the Ukraine’s oldest theatre companies, the Jarkov Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.  

The opera, comprising of four acts set in Ancient Egypt, tells the tragic love story of Aida, the King of Nubia’s daughter, who, following Egypt’s conquest of her region, is forced to become a slave, along with other captured women. Aida keeps her identity a secret and becomes the personal servant of Amneris, the Pharaoh’s daughter. When Aida embarks on a clandestine relationship with Rademes, General of the Egyptian Army and the man betrothed to Amneris, her life becomes very complicated.

Tickets for the performance, priced at between 45 and 55 euros each, are now on sale from Fundação Pedro Ruivo. Tel: 289 873 115.