Vehicle tax deadline extended again

FOR THE second time in a month, the deadline for purchasing the Imposto Municipal Sobre Veículos (vehicle tax) has been extended, this time until August 18. The Ministry of Finance has justified the extensions due to the delays that have occurred in supplying the tax stamps to sales outlets. Meanwhile, many individuals have purchased their tax stamp on the internet more than a month ago but are still waiting to receive it by post.

The original deadline was July 14 but was then extended to July 31, for the same reason – many of the authorised sales outlets, such as stationery stores and newsagents, were still waiting to receive the tax stamps to sell to the public.

However, despite the extended deadline, according to the Ministry, “the majority of taxpayers have already purchased their vehicle tax”, guaranteeing that “between June 16 and July 28, 1,645,778 vehicle tax stamps had been purchased online and from Finanças offices, while around 2,8 million stamps were distributed to authorised vendors”.

Now, thanks to this second extension, taxpayers have been given a further 14 working days to make their payment. However, the deadline for affixing the new tax stamp on vehicle windscreens remains unchanged at August 31.

Due to the fact that many believed the last opportunity to purchase their vehicle tax stamp was on July 31, long queues were witnessed at Finanças departments around the country on Monday of this week.

Many commentators are saying that the delays and extended deadlines this year can be attributed to the fact that the government is trying to encourage the public to buy their tax stamps online or from the Finanças, and put a stop to them being sold by paper shops and stationers.

Currently, the ways in which you can purchase your vehicle tax stamp remain the same: from your local Finanças office, online and from authorised outlets.