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Vegas death ray

Sunbathers relaxing at the poolside of the Vdrara resort in Las Vegas have become the victims of what has been dubbed as the “death ray” at the hotel with guests claiming that there is a real risk of severe burns.

The beam of light, that has singed hair and melted plastic, is due to a concentration of solar rays bouncing off the 3,000 glass panes covering the Vdara.

One guest at Vdara described how he had felt a burning sensation on his head while in the pool and initially believed it to be because of the chemicals in the water.

However, when he then sat on a chair he could feel his legs and back burning.

Although not everyone is complaining about the ray and some pool users have been found deliberately laying their towels on the convergence spot for warmth during cooler weather.

MGM Resorts, the company that owns the property, is now looking to correct the problem of the “death ray” by installing solar film over the glass to scatter the rays.