Vegan pastries – because everyone has a sweet tooth!

Veganism, a movement associated with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which supports diets free from products of animal origin, is gaining more and more followers throughout the country. This growing niche of consumers demand choices different from what is usually on offer at most shopping centres. To answer to this market trend, Intermarché Lagos now offers vegan pastry products at its bakery. Most of these pastries are made there, on the same day, so that customers have constant access to homemade, high-quality sweets, regardless of their dietary choices. Almond, orange, and gluten-free coconut and carrot cakes, all vegan, are just some of the mouth-watering options, which vary daily. They are available by the slice or you can order a whole cake to take home.

“I was very excited to embrace this challenge,” says Maria Makovei, head of Intermarché Lagos’ bakery section, who also makes the sweets. “We had to adapt the recipes to remove all animal-origin products, which is not always easy, but I can assure they are still delicious,” she adds. So that the choice is as diverse as possible, Bolas de Berlim (donuts), croissants, soya puff pastries and even a range of organic bread are also available, delivered daily by an external supplier specialising in this type of confectionery.

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