VAT rise in golf

Dear Editor,

With respect, golf is not a necessity. It is a game. Nothing more and nothing less and yes it fetches in lots of revenue for the government. 

This is purely an austerity move as indeed is the rise of 10% to the bill of dining out come 2012. 

Yes, generally one doesn’t have to go out for a meal, but a lot of visitors to this once super country cannot afford meals in their hotels anymore so, therefore, look elsewhere to stretch their money by eating out. 

What with the ‘knock-on’ effect of the rise in electricity and gas charges, the rise in IVA to dining out and the rise in IVA to playing a simple game of golf plus the tolls on the A22, etc. etc. what the powers-to-be will achieve is to drive potential visitors to go elsewhere. 

Some countries charge a minimal amount to enter the country (some even charge to exit the country) to help them with the costs of infrastructure etc. Why not here? If it was deemed that all over 18 years of age paid €2 to enter the country, it would be regarded as a small price to pay. What with the hundreds of thousands pouring into the country each year, this would be a guaranteed income.

Yes, some drive overland, and what with there being no restricted boarders to stop them, would get in ‘Scott free’, but with them paying the exorbitant price for fuel they would be entitled to. 

The continual rise in profits by the ‘fat cats’ plus the government increases in IVA only hits the nationals who have spent their whole lives (well most of them) paying into the system.

The government should be looking into ways and measures to protect their citizens and perhaps making a small charge to the visitors for the privilege of visiting this once great nation. 

It shouldn’t be a case of a cheap holiday with cheap booze and rather cheap meals. 

Make Portugal somewhere where people want to visit regardless. Years ago, if one said in the UK that you were holidaying in Portugal, everyone was full of envy. Those days should be brought back. 

Yes I/we are retired and have moved to Portugal. We have not come here to scrounge. We just loved the country and its people. We inject thousands upon thousands of pounds into the local economy because we believe in helping the local community.  

Sorry for going on a bit but I cannot for the life of me understand where the government is going – and it’s quite frustrating.

Albert S. Fannin, by email