Heartless vandals destroy children’s Christmas trees

Vandalism || Heartless vandals destroy children’s Christmas trees

An inexplicable wave of vandalism has targeted Christmas trees lovingly made by thousands of nursery schoolchildren in Faro.
Since the 170 trees were put up in the Baixa district on December 6, 30 have been destroyed – the last only hours ago, seemingly by a Spanish teenager.
The young girl was “identified by police” at 3am this morning (Monday), by which time she is understood to have badly damaged as many as seven trees.
As the youngster faces possible charges at Faro’s PSP, news reports point to other “acts of vandalism” that are now the subject of a formal complaint put forward by Ambifaro, the municipal company behind the whole Christmas tree initiative. The idea was to decorate the town with trees made with recycled materials. In all, nearly 5,000 children from pre-primary schools in the area were involved.
As Ambifaro’s complaint has stressed, “the acts of vandalism have done nothing to dignify the heritage of the State, nor the work of more than 4,900 of the borough’s children”.