Van Gogh painting discovered in attic

Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum unveiled a painting by the Dutch artist which was found in the attic of a Norwegian private collector, who always believed it was by another artist.

Named Sunset at Montmajour, the painting was presented to the public last week for the first time by Alex Rueger, the director of the Van Gogh Museum.

Painted in 1888, the oil painting depicts the sky and several oak trees in the outskirts of the French city of Arles, all portrayed with Van Gogh’s signature thick brush strokes. Rueger described the discovery as a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

Bought in 1908 by a private collector, the painting spent several years in the collector’s attic as he thought it was a fake.

Now, not only several Vincent Van Gogh experts have authenticated the painting, but it was found that the artist himself described it in a letter sent to his brother Theo on July 4, 1888.

The artwork will be put on display at the Van Gogh Museum on September 24.