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Valverde Summer Singles

It was finals day on September 8 for the Summer Singles Competition at Valverde Lawn Bowls Club, Almancil. This round robin competition takes place throughout July and August. This year 15 members survived the heat of summer to complete their matches.

In the first semi final, Geoff Drewer beat Dora Wallace 21 shots to 18. It was Dora’s first defeat, having been the only player to win all her matches. The second semi final was won by Paul Frampton who defeated Keith Henley 21 shots to 16.

In the final, Geoff Drewer beat Paul Frampton 22 shots to 17. Club president David Russell presented the trophy.

Valverde welcomes new members. Visit for further information.


Photo: Geoff Dewar, Dora Wallace, Paul Frampton and Keith Henley