Sumit Kunprom and Graham Martin

Valverde Club Championships

On Sunday, November 8, Valverde Lawn Bowls Club Almancil held its Club Championship finals. The finals should have been held in March of this year but had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Men’s Singles:
Graham Martin beat Sumit Kunprom 21-13

Ladies Singles:
Margaret Wilson beat Helen Scott 21- 13

Drawn Triples:
Alan Hyatt, Jack Romano and Jenny Preza beat Graham Martin, Trevor Watkins and Lorna Hallett 19-7

Drawn Pairs:
Paul Frampton and Gerald Plant beat Ken Rawlins and Sue Hunt 28-11

Australian Pairs:
Peter Wilson and Margaret Wilson beat Ken Rawlins and Helen Scott 23-15

Well done everyone who took part!