Valverde 10th Anniversary Pairs

Valverde Lawn Bowls Club in Almancil held its Anniversary Pairs Competition on Sunday October 20. This was a special occasion as it marked the 10th anniversary of the founding of the club.

The club was set up as a members’ club, with the aim of being a social club as well as providing competitive bowling. Founder member and former president of the club, Henry Parlour, gave a speech and presented the prizes.

Thirty pairs entered including bowlers from other bowls clubs in the Algarve and visitors from the UK. The winners were Alan Hyatt and Jack Romano of Valverde.

The runners up were Dave Austin and Mary Gilham of Pedras who beat Paul Rawlings and Ken Rawlins of Valverde on shot difference.

The competition was sponsored by Ibex Insurance of Almancil and was attended by Rui Gomes, Zinha Belchior and Cláudia Pereira.

If you would like to try bowling, go along and see for yourself. Details of our roll ups can be found on our website.

Photo: Alan Hyatt, Rui Gomes of Ibex and Jack Romano