Valiant British pensioners fight off muggers in Santa Eulália

Two determined British pensioners on holiday in Portugal have been left in shock, with several bruises, after fighting off muggers in Santa Eulália, Albufeira on Wednesday night (February 22).

The valiant couple, said to be in their 80s, was attacked on Rua José Fontana at around 9.30pm.

Their attackers, at least one of which was very young, ran off empty-handed after the woman reportedly “would not let go of her handbag”.

GNR police have caught the youths, adds Correio da Manhã tabloid.

Two ambulances were called to treat the battered OAPs, who were then taken to Faro Hospital.

According to CM, Rua José Fontana is notorious for muggings despite being located in an area with several hotels. Additional public lighting was recently installed in the street, but the area still remains ‘at risk’ of these kind of incidents, said CM.

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