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Vale Verde graduates prom

Vale Verde International School (VVIS) students from Years 11 to 13 graced the venue at Dunas in Lagos with their elegance and glamour on July 1. The graduates were celebrating the end of courses in IGCSE and Advanced Level subjects in the company of their teachers, friends and ex-students.

They started their night out with a photo session against the background of the Atlantic coastline organised by Paul and Sharon Fuller, ex-parents of the school. After drinks and canapés were served, the party moved into the pavilion where dinner was served.

After the meal, assistant director of VVIS Roger Foreman shared some anecdotes about each of the students in turn.

Head Boy and Head Girl, Will Mylne and Alice Millward, then responded by thanking the school for the “positive experience” they had received over the years, which was echoed by the university undergraduates present.

The evening proceeded with the students taking to the dance floor before moving on to other Lagos venues to crown a successful occasion.