Aerial view of Vale do Lobo's Vale Real

Vale Real Experience – a nurturing gathering in beautiful nature

In March 2020 and throughout the following months, we were all forced to re-evaluate our priorities and the way we lived our lives. From this period of reflection, a trend emerged, in the world, stronger than any other before – the idea that self care, our wellness and that of our closest community, is and should be the most important thing in one’s life.

Having encouraged and offered a truly effortless resort lifestyle for many years, Vale do Lobo did not have to change much to keep up with these new times. Active and healthy choices and living life to the full were already embedded in the DNA of this luxury resort.  But not having to change does not meaning not doing more or not innovating, and thus you will now find a new world of wellbeing in the Vale Real area of the resort.

This blissful location surrounded by pine trees and overlooking one of the resort’s most iconic golf lakes is the future home of a new 5* hotel. It is the perfect environment in which to connect with nature and your sense of wellness, and to benefit from Vale do Lobo’s curated experiences, brought to help you stay active, healthy and in tune with the effortless resort lifestyle and community spirit.

Yoga, clinical Pilates, meditation, several fitness classes, like Zumba, Low Pressure Fitness (an innovative training method that consists of postural and low pressure breathing exercises) or Bootcamp (high-impact outdoor fitness), are just some of the exclusive open-air sessions you will be able to enjoy in August in this blissful space. Take some extra time for yourself and relax after or before the class in its peaceful lounge areas, or try and take home some of the goodies from their sponsors: @Spry, @gutsycaptain and @226er.

Vale Real will also be the ‘stage’ for intimate music concerts and special workshops throughout the summer, like the Traditional Portuguese Tile Painting workshop that took place last week. And on the 21st August, why not join them for a very special Evening Sound Ceremony by Carly Grace, where for 90 minutes you will be “welcomed to a dedicated space for you, to rest, receive and return to self”, through the healing sounds of the Alchemy Bowls and their optimum healing benefits to the body and mind.

Whichever is your preferred wellness and wellbeing experience, you’ll be sure to find it at Vale do Lobo’s new Vale Real.

More info and reservations:
[email protected]

Person doing yoga at Vale Real

View of Vale do Lobo's Vale Real

View of the lake and golf course next to Vale Real at Vale do Lobo

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