Vale do Lobo’s transformational experiences

Living a healthy and meaningful life!

In order to respond to the needs of the ‘new normal’, and with their mind set on both their residents and visitors, but also on the local community, Vale do Lobo has created an extensive array of new and amazing resort experiences. These ‘events’, with categories ranging from active living and wellbeing, to nature/sustainable living and purpose/meaningful living, were thought to promote what’s most important these days, whilst complying with all of the Portuguese health authorities’ measures and recommendations.

In what active living and wellbeing are concerned, the regular classes of Clinical Pilates, for instance, will awaken your body and mind, while working on your posture and bringing you long-term benefits for your spine. Or why not try out the Myosfacial Release, to reduce or eliminate knots found in the fascia (muscles) with immediate benefits for your body and a wonderful feeling of relief at the end? And of course, let’s not forget the regular run, cycle, tennis, yoga and meditation classes happening at the resort throughout the year.

On the nature/sustainable living category, save the date for the Beach Clean-up event and donate some of your time to help clean Vale do Lobo beach. This activity will take place on the 14th November – to mark the national sea day (Dia Nacional do Mar) – and is a joint initiative of the Vale do Lobo resort and Associação Vida Nativa. It will start with a short walk along the beach, where the goal is to collect the garbage found and count it at the end, making this a fun and meaningful experience for all those involved, whilst raising awareness to the need to protect the environment and the planet.

And when it comes to special events happening during autumn, there’s quite a few not to miss.

The 10th October will see a Breathwork session in which you’ll learn breathing techniques that are tools for major transformation and healing. For keen golfers, Vale do Lobo prepared an exclusive golf biomechanical analysis, taking place over two days on 19th and 20th October, where a professional golf coach will verify the golf swing by applying sensors on the body for final analysis and correction of the technique through the gathered biofeedback.

All these experiences take place at Vale do Lobo’s unbeaten location, many of them outdoors, and illustrate perfectly the effortless resort lifestyle. They are all open to both resort proprietors and to public, also focusing on local residents and expats living in the area, so check their website for all the events and more information.

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