A piano concert at last year's Vale do Lobo’s Summer Music Sessions

Vale do Lobo’s Summer Music Sessions – what’s happening in August and September

June and July’s Summer Music Sessions at Vale do Lobo were a huge success, but August is approaching fast, and comes bearing loads of news, events, surprises and activities, with something different for everyone, suiting all preferences.

On the 13th August, the Trio AMAR GUITARRA, formed by guitar players João Cuña and Pedro Mendes, and the percussions of Carlos Poubel, will visit the resort for a show of acoustic and Portuguese guitars. With a performance filled with energy and complicity, the trio’s covers and this show promise to explore various musical genres such as Fado, Flamenco, Morna, Jazz, Gypsy & Tango, amongst many others.

On August 20th, Latin rhythms that make you want to dance by Roda de Choro, will bring to Vale Real Experience stunning set a Portuguese-Brazilian quintet renowned for their distinctive talent in interpreting Brazilian “Chorinho” themes, in a unique and creative way, promising a truly unforgettable evening at the resort. As their name suggests, although this band comes from Lisbon, their soul is without frontiers – their energetic music reveals an inexhaustible fusion of rhythms from Chorinho to Fandango, from Tango to Corridinho, from Waltz to Malhão, Scottish to Fado, and Polka to Vira, always with room for some unpredictable surprises and lots of humour!

A violin concert at last year's Vale do Lobo’s Summer Music Sessions

Later in August, and as one of the main highlights for this season, the resort will host a new open-air concert that will ‘live forever’ on Saturday 27th, from 8.00 pm, with a renowned theme – “The best of QUEEN”! It will definitely be one of Vale do Lobo’s greatest summer moments. This exceptional concert of Queen themes by the Orquestra Clássica and ONJ – Orquestra Nacional de Jovens will be a unique and exclusive event that combines the delicacy of classical music with romance, mystery and rock’n’roll, in the stunning setting of a golf course at sunset. In this impressive concert, Queen’s greatest hits will be interpreted by a 36-piece orchestra accompanied by a rock band – featuring keyboard, drums, bass, guitar and vocals – allowing us to relive some of the amazing classics of one of the biggest and most iconic rock bands on the planet, in a truly intimate scenery.

And closing the intimate concerts of the Vale do Lobo Summer Music Sessions, piano, vocals, jazz, R&B and Soul promise two last unmissable concerts on Saturdays 3rd and 10th of September, in what will surely be magnificent evenings of pure musicality and high-quality performances.

Vale do Lobo 2022 diversified programme of intimate concerts brings together top-quality artists in an exclusive outdoor musical performance, with a limited number of participants, in a stunning setting overlooking one of the region’s most iconic golf lakes. The “Vale do Lobo Summer Music Sessions” were created to treat the audience with true cultural community gathering throughout the summer months, in total relaxation and serenity with the surrounding nature, allowing them to experience the resort’s motto of living life to the fullest.

The Vale Real Experience concerts cost € 20 per person for the general public, and tickets can be booked online. Pre-booking is necessary as places are limited.

Strategically located on the Algarve’s coastline, in a little-explored central area endowed with notable historical heritage, where the sun shines year-round, Vale do Lobo is a symbol of quality, providing its clients with a one-of-a-kind experience. Lined with emblematic cliffs positioned along extensive golden sandy beaches, the resort brings everything together in one destination, from countless leisure activities to several restaurants serving international cuisine, combined with a wide variety of services, and is synonymous with sun, beach, relaxation, sports, and leisure.

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View of the lake next to which the Vale do Lobo’s Summer Music Sessions will take place

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