Vale do Lobo welcomes you back

Let’s play it safe!

Vale do Lobo tells us that their teams continue to work hard every day, implementing the highest standards of safety and cleanliness for the benefit of the residents, staff members and guests. They continue to monitor and strictly follow the national guidelines on controlling the spread of the coronavirus, while they welcome us all back with open arms (though at a safe distance).

At Vale do Lobo, the health and well-being of their community remains an absolute priority. Therefore, all the new guidelines have been implemented throughout the resort, whether to play golf, tennis, invite friends and family to make reservations there, or simply to pay a visit to the Club of Clubs or the resort’s reception. “Right now, information and understanding is essential”, they tell us.

Outdoor sports are back to Vale do Lobo and May started off in the best possible way, with the Ocean Golf Course opening exclusively for Vale do Lobo Golf’s members, followed by the official opening to the public on May 15th. The Royal Golf Course reopened two weeks later, after having all necessary security procedures and government guidelines put in place, and so has the Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy, so you can now return to your tennis and padel training.

The Proprietors’ Club office, that continued to provide service to all the resort’s members throughout the quarantine period, is now open every day during the usual hours. And the VDL Concept Store, Medical Centre, hairdresser, bank and other retailers have also resumed their activities. Restaurants across the resort are reopening as well, following the recommended health and safety procedures and benefiting from open-air seating.

After this unprecedented period of confinement we all miss nature and outdoor activities. At Vale do Lobo they can’t wait to offer us just that – a moment of joy, be it a round of golf, a game of tennis, a run at sunrise or simply the breeze by the sea during a walk on the beach. The quintessence of everything that Vale do Lobo represents!

Recently we’ve faced a whole host of changes and challenges that forced us to undergo a process of transformation, both personally and as a society. It’s safe to say that Vale do Lobo rose to the occasion. So, shall we pay them a visit?

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