Vale do Lobo water wars

For years Infralobo and its counterpart Infraquinta have done pretty much as they like in incorporating smaller developments into their system: Vale San Antonio near Vale do Lobo a few years ago, Val Verde near the entrance to Quinta do Lago – with no benefit to owners and with huge financial benefit to Loulé Camara.

Monthly charges became extortionate, and owners had no consultation or say in the matter. Taking advantage of the fact that most owners are non-resident and rely on property managers to pay bills – they continued to get away with it. However, it appears that Infralobo have bitten off more than they can chew this time, in developments which have a larger population of residents and citizens who are prepared to fight the injustice.

Despite the cumbersome judiciary system, we await the outcome with interest. Should the court rule in favour of the residents, what happens to the owners who have paid too much for water and illegal bed tax all these years? Will they be due a refund?

Should the judgement go against the property owners, many may reconsider whether to buy in developments such as Vale do Lobo.