Vale do Garrão, not Vale do Lobo!

I recently met an English couple on holidays in the Algarve and they mentioned how they felt tricked into booking a holiday at the Ria Park Hotel in Vale do Garrão.

They where here for the first time and, having researched various resorts, decided on Vale do Lobo as that resort offered all the facilities they required. They subsequently searched for hotels and found the website of the Ria Park Hotel, which claims to be in Vale do Lobo. They booked with the hotel but upon their arrival found that the hotel was nowhere near Vale do Lobo but, in fact, in Vale do Garrão, two kilometres from Vale do Lobo. When complaining to the reception, they were told that the hotel has an agreement with Vale do Lobo with regard to green fees and so on.

The couple were very happy with the hotel but felt misled by the advertising. Surely it is not allowed to claim that you are located in an area when you are not, regardless of whether Vale do Lobo approves of it!

Rolf Persson