Gouveia e Melo in his role as coordinator of Portugal's vaccinations task force

Vaccine task force coordinator says teens will start being vaccinated from August 14

In line with the announcement last week by the prime minister, vaccination task force coordinator Henrique Gouveia e Melo has addressed the meeting between the government and health experts at Infarmed this morning, saying that teens aged 16 and 17 will start being vaccinated from August 14. The vaccines to be used will be Janssen (the one-shot vaccine) and Pfizer. They will be “very important to liberate the economy and liberate us from this virus”, said the naval vice-admiral. As for older age groups, the vaccine task force leader said there are still 4% of the over-50s left to vaccinate, and 10% of the over-40s. In terms of foreign residents, 255,888 have been vaccinated.