Vaccinations go digital: Portugal’s eHealth Summit opens in Lisbon

Starting tomorrow and ending on Thursday, Portugal eHealth Summit will be bringing together national and international specialists, companies, start-ups, professional bodies, scientific societies, patient associations and various other entities as the way forwards in the digital world is fully explored.

Diário de Notícias explains that one of the many upcoming changes will be the way vaccination details are logged.

Out goes the long-standing “boletim de vacinação” – the little book babies get at birth that some manage to hold onto into adulthood.

In comes an electronic register, accessible from any health centre in the country – allowing for people to update shots wherever they happen to find themselves.

The changes will come into effect by the end of this year, while other projects involve “the progressive substitutions and modernisation of software in (the country’s) health centres”.

President of SPMS (shared services of the health ministry), Henrique Martins said that the cornerstone of the three-day summit expected to attract over 8000 people is to “unite all those interested in the use of digital to transform health”.

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