Vaccination schedule interrupted in Porto due to ‘alleged failure in chain of refrigeration’

Today’s vaccination schedule at Porto’s Queimódromo has been suspended due to an alleged failure in the chain of refrigeration.

People vaccinated over the past couple of days (August 10 and 11) will be contacted by health authorities between now and next week “to monitor the effects of vaccines inoculated”, reports SIC.

The refrigeration glitch “may compromise the vaccines”, says the channel.

A statement however from the vaccination task force has said: “Given the characteristics of the vaccines against Covid-19, it is not expected that the failure that occurred in the conservation process will have an impact on users’. INFARMED is accompanying the situation. In the eventuality that anyone suspects an adverse reaction, this should be communicated through the RAM portal (”.

Appointments made for people at the Queimódromo will be referred to “other centres nearby”.

Vaccine task force coordinator Henrique Gouveia e Melo is in Porto today, and will this evening be interviewed live on SIC television’s Jornal da Noite.

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