Mesmerizing shot of Ponta da Piedade, a scenic spot in Portugal

Vacation in Portugal – making the best of a holiday

Vacationing in Portugal

If you are a big fan of taking some time off and enjoying the best life has to offer (good weather, lots of culture and history, gorgeous beaches and mountains, delicious food, and aromatic wines) then Portugal is the destination for you! While the beaches in Portugal are well-known, you’ll also find picturesque villages, scintillating cities and a rich cultural life that will amaze you. So pack your bags and travel to this beautiful country.

Female in Ponta da Piedade, a scenic spot in Portugal

Best time of the year to visit

Portugal’s weather is sunny and mild from late April to late October, perfect for relaxing on the beach. July and August are the hottest and busiest months, especially in the Algarve, but finding a quiet village away from the hustle and bustle is not too complicated a problem.

The perfect time to visit varies from what you like to do and what you prefer the weather to be like – but since it has a pleasant climate all year round you can be certain that you will find a fabulous region to explore at any time of the year.

How to get around & where to stay

Portugal is a small country and the distances to travel are never long. However, a car is the best way to get around for a limited amount of time and, except for Porto, parking is usually free or nominal and you have to pay tolls on most major road networks. If you’re not driving, trains connect all major cities in Portugal and almost everywhere by bus, but you should study  the timetables carefully to minimize waiting times.

Regarding accommodation, there are lots of hotels, resorts, Airbnb’s and private accommodations to make you feel at home. When visiting the Algarve, don’t shy away from visiting one of the oldest Wine Estate in the region, which also has amazing accommodation villas and apartments available for short or long-term rentals: Quinta dos Vales promises a memorable stay in a peaceful and quiet location, surrounded by vineyards and nature. It is the perfect setting for spending a nice holiday and trying out some regional wine and gastronomy.

Eating and drinking

Given the country’s vast Atlantic coastline, seafood in Portugal is unbeatable, with local pork dishes taking second place. Most restaurants bring tapas-style light bites to your table as you scroll through their menus. It is common practice for these to be added to your bill, so if you don’t feel like eating them, leave them untouched. Unlike elsewhere in the world, the house wine is generally standard, meaning you don’t have to opt for a named bottle, while local beers and spirits are understandably cheaper than international imports and of the same quality.

Portuguese wine is a must-try on your vacation, as it is growing in popularity all around the world for quite some time. Portugal is the 11th largest wine producer in the world and considering how small Portugal’s territory is, it is quite an achievement.

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