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Using the law to help you as a British resident

Lita Gale is a fully qualified UK solicitor who has specialised in dealing with the unique circumstances of British people living in Portugal and their legal needs.

Having travelled to England at 17 and educated herself as a solicitor in the UK, Lita Gale became fully qualified in 1990.

By 1996 she had set up her own law firm, filling a niche in the market catering for Portuguese clients based in the UK and then later with her offices in the Algarve, aiding British clients residing in Portugal.

“I have hand-picked lawyers in the UK and in Portugal to deal with the very specialised law that applies to British people living in Portugal.

“Matters of divorce and wills can be complicated as a foreign resident and often people need help to ensure they receive the best support,” she said.


Lita Gale stands for integrity and has a rigorous complaints procedure and lengthy rules of engagement available for clients to view.

“I am a positive person who believes in the justice of the courts and my duty to the clients. I take my clients’ problems to heart but my duty is always first and foremost to the client.”

The offices of Lita Gale are situated near Faro and she can be reached either via her Portuguese number on 912 650 767 or her English number 0044 207 404 2899.

For further information, please visit her website at or email [email protected].