Use the motor home facilities!

Dear Editor,

I apologise for the delay in replying to two letters published in the Algarve Resident issue of February 4 in connection with motor homes, but I am still trying to get to grips with the content of these letters.

Mr Steve Wilson – I have also paid my taxes and dues “in full” whilst I was living and working in the UK – I am now resident in Portugal and still do the same, as no doubt you do, if you own an apartment.

Why should you then wish for the Algarve to be turned into a free carpark for motor homers who pay NOTHING into the Portuguese system but expect everything from it?

Wasteland car parking is insane, if not for any other reason but health issues. Perfectly good facilities are provided at various points in the Algarve, including at least three that I know of in/around Albufeira – if you can’t afford to pay the fees GO AWAY and pester someone else.

What really happens to waste from these wealthy gypsies, human and otherwise, I dread to think. They park anywhere they like and no doubt chuck their waste anywhere they like. Think again Mr Wilson.

Mr Geoffrey Swain – same comments to you sir. The Algarve has provided facilities – if you can’t afford to use them then GO AWAY.

Do not use the Algarve car parks and wasteland due to your miserly attitude and leave your waste behind.

Portugal Authorities – please, please wake up to what is happening around you – if these dreadful tight-fisted people do NOT use the proper parks designated for them, then remove them from Portugal. Why should the majority who pay all their dues subsidise these motor homers?

Spain did it, so why won’t you.


by email