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USA demand for Algarve villa holidays grows

As Algarve villa holidays surge in popularity, the SandyBlue team are always on top of the latest travel trends. Be it the most in-demand villa features or the activities guests are most interested in, we use these trends to shape our marketing strategy.

Furthermore, it allows us to work with our owner partners to offer the very best suggestions for their properties. Of course, one of the most important market trends is demand by location. With the UK and Ireland leading the way, it does not mean guests around the world are not looking to the Algarve as their next destination.

In particular, we are seeing growing demand from the USA market. We wanted to share some key insights and discuss why this market is now considering the Algarve as the place to be.

The USA market – why is demand growing?

The most interesting development is the recent news regarding a direct flight between New York and Faro. Launching May 24, 2024, United Airlines will become the first airline to directly connect the United States and Faro. With four planned flights a week, this is indeed very exciting news.

Our marketing team regularly refer to our analytics tools to reveal customer trends and behaviour. So, it has not been surprising to see steady growth from the American audience. Comparing 2023 to 2021, we have seen a 63% increase in traffic from the USA. While millennials, particularly the age 35 to 44 bracket, make up for most of this audience, we also see interest from the 55 to 64 age bracket. It shows that the Algarve is grabbing attention from a wide range of people and there are many reasons why.

The Algarve offers so many activities for this audience to enjoy. The most obvious would be the world-famous golf courses that can offer American players a whole new golf experience. This audience is also interested in experiencing the rich history of ‘Old Europe’ – something that the Algarve offers in abundance.

Boat tours, hiking trails and cycling routes offer those with an active lifestyle a chance to experience the breathtaking natural beauty while doing the activities they love. Talking of natural beauty, the Algarve offers miles of golden sands and gorgeous sea. You can find beautiful views and peaceful vibes on these beaches. Finally, we can’t forget the gastronomic delights in the many restaurants the Golden Triangle has to offer.

A new adventure awaits

We are excited to see how the new transport link between Faro and the USA introduces new trends. As ever, SandyBlue will be watching closely and waiting to welcome more guests from the USA than ever before!

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