US Democrats Abroad organise 2006 congressional elections

AT A recent meeting of more than 20 US Democrats Abroad, held in the home of Pat Westheimer in Cascais, new officers were elected to administer the Democratic Party Committee Abroad-Portugal for the years 2005 through to 2007.

Upon election, the new chairperson, Gilbert Wells, said: “The attack on entitlements, such as Social Security and Veterans Claims, initiated by the Reagan-Bush Administration, has been taken up by the new Bush Administration and the justification is the same: national defence. The way to counteract these attacks is to elect a Democratic Congress in November 2006 and the target for the election will be facilitating the vote of absentee US voters in Portugal.”

The Democratic Party Committee Abroad in Portugal will be actively gathering names of US citizens resident in Portugal and their last residence in the US to pave the way for absentee voting.

Pat Westheimer was elected vice chairperson and Maria Justina Leitão Wells was elected secretary. The outgoing chairperson, Abe Malouf, who served for the last four years, was elected treasurer. Jay Ross, former editor of the English edition of the Moscow Times, was appointed counsellor, while Kathy Bowen was appointed chairperson for voter registration. Membership chairperson is Ramona Dietrich and Emilia Ferguson is in charge of programmes. Mary Fonseca has accepted responsibility for public information. Treasurer Abe Malouf will also function as finance chairperson.

The next event of US Democrats Abroad will be a fundraising picnic on Saturday, June 25 at the home of Emilia Ferguson. For further information about the activities of US Democrats in Portugal, contact Gilbert Wells on 219 291 372 or email [email protected]