Urinating in street ends up with gunshot wound to penis

A disagreement between two men – one of whom was urinating in the street – ended up with a gunshot wound to a penis.

The injured man – the one who had been urinating – has been treated in Lisbon’s Garcia de Orta hospital and is ‘lucky to be alive’, say reports.

The bullet ‘narrowly missed his femoral artery’ which would have led to him bleeding to death.

As for the ‘shooter’, he made off “hiding in the Alentejo” for a few days, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã.

He has since been apprehended and is now in preventive custody.

The incident appears to have taken place when both men were drunk.

The ‘urinator’ responded to complaints by the other man that he should not have been urinating so close to the door of the café both had just left with the equivalent of ‘get lost’.

The response enraged the second man to the extent that he whipped out a revolver he had about his person, and fired directly at the urinator’s penis.

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