Urbanisation plans have 2020 deadline to get started, or get scrapped

Regional planners have decided to crack down on ‘urban developments’ in the Algarve that haven’t moved forwards.

In the process of revising rules and regulations governing territorial planning, the CCDR Algarve – commission for coordination of regional development – has let local authorities know that time’s about to be called on urbanisation plans where construction licences have formally expired.

The deadline by which land at issue would revert to ‘rustic classification’ – with no future development possible – is July 14, 2020.

The decision does not affect projects already underway, nor does it affect areas with valid, pre-existing juridically consolidated rights that haven’t yet been fully, or even partially executed.

A note published by the CCDR Algarve explains this tightening of controls on acquired rights of urbanisation and construction was introduced in 2015, giving local councils five years to alter their municipal plans.

Any failure to do so, will lead to the land in question losing all rights to occupation, use and transformation, ie any building/ s constructed could never be considered legal.

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