Update: Workers remain on Lagoa wetland despite environmental embargo

Despite yesterday’s environmental embargo, several yellow-vested workers were spotted at Lagoa’s Alagoas Brancas wetland area this morning (February 10).

The Resident saw at least four men closing off the area with metal panels shortly after 9am.

Town hall inspectors, however, have stipulated that all works must stop.

“If they are still underway, this means the owners of the land could face charges for disobedience,” spokesperson Carlos Alvo told us – revealing the name of the company representing the site’s owners: Sociedade Edifícios Atlântico.

Contacted by the Resident, the company said “no one was available” to answer our questions.

As reported yesterday, works on the site stopped due to a “lack of licences”. The owners have permission to clear the land, we were told, but not for any of the apparent construction work seen to be underway.

Carlos Alvo explained that any construction work would need an ‘alvará’ (building licence), hence the lack of one as it was originally meant to be just “land clearance”. Anabela Dolores from Algarve Environmental Agency APA has since clarified that it was actually not directly involved in the embargo.

Meantime, locals are still adamant that the wetland must be saved. A demonstration to demand this is scheduled for Sunday (February 12) at 10am in front of Aldi supermarket.

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