Update – Violent road accident kills Dutch couple in Estoi

Failure to stop at a stop sign is believed to be the cause of a violent road accident that killed an elderly Dutch couple, aged 71 and 79, on the EN2 in Estoi, near Faro on Tuesday morning (January 10).

The crash has been described by national tabloid Correio da Manhã as “so violent it left both vehicles on the other side of the road”.

It happened at around 11.30am when the couple’s car “apparently disrespected a stop sign” while merging onto the EN2 and was “immediately rammed” by an oncoming ‘betoneira’ (concrete mixer truck). The skid marks left on the road indicate that the truck driver slammed on his brakes but could not avoid the collision, CM adds.

The couple, believed to be residents of nearby São Brás de Alportel, died “almost immediately” while the truck driver was unharmed.

Traffic on the road was held up for several hours.

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