UPDATE: Two Canadians and one Nepalese among injured in horrific EN125 crash

One Nepalese and two Canadian tourists were onboard the bus that crashed into a house fronting the EN125 between Guia and Zoomarine this morning (April 30), killing the driver.

The remaining passengers were Portuguese.

A source from CDOS Faro confirmed that two passengers have been seriously injured and another six sustained minor injuries. Only one passenger on the bus escaped unharmed.

All the injured were taken to Faro Hospital.

The accident happened at around 11.45am.

The bus was owned by local transport company Frota Azul, hired by national carrier EVA to transport the tourists.

The Resident contacted Frota Azul and EVA for more details but both were unavailable for comment.

GNR police are investigating what caused the accident.

As is well-known local knowledge, the Guia-Albufeira stretch of the EN125 is known for being one of the most dangerous in an already notorious road that is overly-used by motorists since the only alternative, the A22, was turned into a toll road.

Two weeks ago, Algarve musician Miguel Drago was killed in a head-on collision that injured his wife and the other driver involved, near AlgarveShopping and in 2013 much-loved local resident and humanitarian Peta Birch also died in an accident near the same spot.

The Resident will update this story as more details become available.

Photo: Tommy Bartlett (Facebook)