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UPDATE: TAP pilots call off Easter strike

Deal signed by TAP and pilots’ union ratified by government

The strike scheduled by TAP pilots in Portugal for Easter has been called off.

The decision was made after the Ministry of Finance officially approved a deal signed by TAP and pilots’ union SPAC to restore labour conditions withdrawn in 2021.

SPAC had always maintained that the strike would be cancelled as soon as the union received confirmation that the agreement had been ratified by the government.

The confirmation came late on Wednesday afternoon, after which SPAC released a statement announcing that it had called off the strike which had been threatened between April 7 and 10.

It is the kind of news that travellers who were planning to fly to or from Portugal using TAP will certainly welcome, at a time when European travel is already being disrupted by air traffic control strikes in France.

The union explained last week that the agreement proposed by TAP includes a series of measures that, although not what was initially desired, the pilots considered “sufficient to restore some justice and restore some purchasing power”.

“SPAC’s focus was to solve the issue of pilots fired during the pandemic, who have since been reinstated but are still subject to collective dismissal, and to safeguard the rights of the youngest pilots in the company who, due to the freezing of their progression in recent years, would have an equal salary to those who now join the company,” it said.

While the deal was considered “sufficient”, the strike was later called as the union believed that the “the ministry was not committing to this agreement with the new management” of TAP, referring to the departure of TAP’s current CEO at the end of this month and the entrance of the new CEO, Luís Rodrigues, after mid-April.

By Michael Bruxo

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