E.coli swimming ban imposed, this time at Portimão’s Praia do Alemão

UPDATE: Swimming ban lifted at Portimão’s Praia do Alemão

A swimming ban that had been imposed at Portimão’s Praia do Alemão (officially called Praia do Barranco das Canas) has been lifted this morning after test results revealed that there is no longer an excessive amount of E.coli bacteria in the seawater.

A source from Portugal’s maritime authority has told Lusa news agency that the red flag has been lowered and beachgoers are once again allowed to go swimming.

It was the second beach in the Algarve in less than two weeks to see a swimming ban imposed due to E.coli contamination, the first being Praia de Faro (click here).

Lusa adds that the situation is being “monitorised permanently by the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) and the Algarve Health Administration (ARS)”.

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