Update: Primark to open in Loulé’s not Faro

Irish low-cost clothing retailer Primark is to open its new store at IKEA’s mega shopping complex in Loulé, not Faro as previously reported.

A spokesperson for the retailer known as Penneys in Ireland told Público earlier this week that the store would open in Faro, but, the floor plan of IKEA’s mall has since been uploaded online and includes a Primark store (to see it click here).

Other retailers to open at the IKEA shopping centre in 2017 include H&M, Zara, C&M and Mango as well as a Pingo Doce supermarket and a Worten electronic goods outlet.

As the Resident reported earlier this week, the name of IKEA’s new centre is ‘Mar Shopping Algarve’. It is part of the Swedish group’s huge complex that will also boast an IKEA store and a fashion outlet (click here).

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