Update on missing parcel

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the letter I e-mailed to you on December 27 with reference to missing Christmas post and a parcel sent via courier.

Just to give you an update … The parcel that was sent via courier from UK on December 12, 2016 on a four-day guaranteed service and arrived at the Faro depot December 19, 2016 and twice was stated as “invalid address” on their so-called “attempted deliveries”. It was finally delivered to our house on Wednesday, December 28. What makes this so very maddening is:

1. My telephone number was on the actual parcel yet at no time neither the company nor the driver rang for directions if they could not locate us.

2. We received two e-mails from Chronopost that came directly into our inbox stating “delivery time” yet the two e-mails to tell us that “our address was invalid – pick up parcel at depot” were both in our junk folder and it was only sheer chance that I went into that folder to check any mail.

3. On Wednesday, December 28 I received a phone call from the driver of Chronopost (not for directions but to tell me he was outside our gate with our parcel). So how come the driver managed to locate us?
It has been blatantly obvious from the start that if we wanted this parcel before Christmas then we had to go and pick it up ourselves from Faro. This company had no intention of delivering it – this is after our son paid £33 for this courier service.

Sylvia Softley
By email