UPDATE: Nine new Covid-19 cases linked to illegal party in Lagos

New details about the illegal party held in the Lagos borough on Sunday, June 7 have emerged, along with confirmation that nine people in attendance have tested positive for Covid-19.

The birthday party was held in Odiáxere and attracted dozens of people from all over the country.

While those organising the event told the venue no more than 20 people would be attending, the number turned out to be much higher, Lagos Mayor Hugo Pereira told Lusa news agency.

GNR police were called to the scene after the owners of the venue witnessed a large number of people coming and going from the party.

The first case was confirmed last Saturday, with eight others being reported by Monday. It was quickly established that they had all been at the party.

“We are trying to contact people who attended the party, their families, colleagues and other people they may have been in contact with so that they can be tested and remain under surveillance,” said the mayor.

So far, over 50 people have been identified, with the number “possibly increasing in the next hours or days”.

Meantime, a source from the Algarve’s regional health authority (ARS Algarve) has confirmed that it is monitoring the situation.

“We have carried out our usual procedure: we identified the cases, isolated them, and identified all the people they had come in contact with in order to break the chain of infection,” the source told Lusa.

In its initial statement about the incident, Lagos Council lamented that the origin of this outbreak had “jeopardised the good work” the municipality had done up until now.

“This situation could have been avoided if prevention measures had not been disrespected,” the council said.

Lagos was one of the Algarve municipalities least affected by the pandemic, with only five confirmed cases of Covid-19 before these latest cases.