UPDATE: Ismaili Centre attack “was not an act of terrorism”, says PJ director

National PJ police director, Luís Neves, has denied any suspicions that the attack at the Ismaili Centre in Lisbon which claimed the lives of two women on Tuesday was an act of terrorism.

“There are no signs that this was a religiously-motivated attacked – in other words, terrorism,” he told reporters.

Neves explained that PJ, with the help of authorities in other countries, have ‘mapped out’ the suspect’s life before the attack and did not find “the slightest sign” of radicalisation.

He also revealed that authorities have investigated the attacker and that the attack was likely caused by a “psychotic break,” although he stressed that further psychiatric tests are needed.

The victims have been identified as 24-year-old Mariana Jagaudy and 49-year-old Farana Sadrudin, both Portuguese citizens who worked at the centre and were employed by Fundação FOCUS.

The attacker was Abdul Bashir, an Afghan refugee, widower and father of three children.