UPDATE: Faro council refutes untreated sewage claims

Faro council has denied all claims that the waterway of Lavadeiras, at the entrance to Faro, has become a “stinking line of sewage”.
“There is a rainwater drainage system that ends at that location, but it is functioning well and according to plans,” the council stated, in a press release entitled ‘Ribeira das Lavadeiras: Restoring the Truth’.
The council stressed that the municipality “does not have any open-air sewage running into Ria Formosa or any place else” and that if any kind of odour occurs, it could be caused by stagnant water not related to the drainage system.
The municipal authority acknowledged, however, that residual water has occasionally leaked into the system but stressed that the problem was fixed last year and “solved for good”.
Their official statement on the subject was prompted by claims from local Socialist politicians who said the waterway of Lavadeiras – once used by local women to wash their clothes due to its clean water – had become “an enormous pool of sewage, rubbish and nauseating stench, running freely all the way to the Ria Formosa”.