UPDATE: Century-old vessel still in Portimão due to mechanical problems

The 104-year-old Joseph Conrad vessel is still in Portimão due to mechanical issues which have kept it from departing after its crew were denied entry to Portugal and left with “nowhere to go” (click here).

“We had an issue with some machinery and have not been able to leave Portimão,” captain Sven Taylor told the Resident.

He added that “it is looking like we will leave by the end of the week”.

As the Resident reported last week, the four crew members and the vessel’s owner were told to complete a two-week quarantine period upon arriving at the Portimão Marina on April 30 after a three-year trip around the world, despite the fact that they had already spent 37 days at sea after leaving Cuba.

However, after the quarantine period was complete, they were told at the last minute by border authorities that they would not be receiving clearance to enter the country until at least June 15.

Now they have no idea where to head next or which country will allow them to dock.