UPDATE: Cardinali circus denies ban from performing in Faro

Completely contradicting a story put out yesterday by Faro council, Portugal’s Victor Hugo Cardinali circus has categorically denied that it has put in a request for a licence to perform in the Algarve capital.

“The circus hasn’t even begun its tour yet,” it announced yesterday. It is in the process of shooting a film ‘O Grande Circo Místico’,” and not only is it not near Faro at the moment, it does not even have any shows scheduled there.

The announcement makes no sense of the announcement put out by the council which claimed it had refused Cardinali’s a licence on the basis of the way it disposes of its animal waste.

Henrique Ascenso Gomes from the mayor’s office told us: “the circus was not up to our standards” and thus would not be getting a licence to perform.

Contacted by the Resident today, the council started back-tracking. “We confirm that a licensing request was put forward but cannot say which company it came from,” a spokesperson told us.

Initially, Gomes suggested the council was supporting a proposal made by Marta Correia – head of Faro’s animal association PRAVI and herself a member of the municipal assembly for the PSD. The proposal urged the council to veto “any act, public or private, that causes physical and psychological damage to animals”.

Correia could not have been happier with the council’s news. “We have to praise the council for the work it is accomplishing to the benefit of animals,” she said. “We’re living in modern times and using animals for entertainment is reminiscent of slavery.

But today’s announcement from Cardinali casts a shade on Correia’s jubilation, and it is unclear now whether the circus even plans to visit Faro in the coming months.

By MICHAEL BRUXO [email protected]