Update: body found in Gerês national park

Tragically, rescue teams working since Saturday to locate a young radical sportsman missing after falling into a deep rock pool on Saturday have recovered a body.

The 33-year-old disappeared without trace while canyoning along the Cabril river, in an area with extremely dense undergrowth.

Rescue efforts today were on stemming the flow of the river, to aid careful investigation.

The body was found early afternoon.

According to fire chief Hernâni Carvalho, the young man had fallen 50 metres while making his descent.

In total 47 operatives, among them police, firemen and divers – were involved from the nearby stations of Salto, Montalegre and Vila Real.

Thirteen vehicles and air support were also scrambled.

Canyoning is one of many outdoor activities positively encouraged at Gerês park.

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