UPDATE: ANA airports authority accused of “intimidating strike action”

As Faro airport is in the middle of another sacking row, Left Bloc MP Cecília Honório has accused ANA (the airport authority) of trying to intimidate employees.

She claims the 12 workers fired earlier this month, had all gone on strike at the airport last year (https://www.portugalresident.com/controversy-after-airport-handling-company-sacks-12-workers).

She thinks ANA may be “sending a message” to other staff on the payroll, showing them what lies in store should they step out of line.

And if this is the case, she claims it is “an unbelievable violation of constitutional rights”.

The row began after Portway sacked operatives in charge of the airport’s mobile telescopic bridges (the boarding alleys connecting planes to terminal buildings).

Portway’s reasoning was that the jobs were suddenly extinct.

It was a justification severely criticised by workers union SITAVA which called it “nothing more than a way of hiding lay-offs”.

The Resident has approached ANA for a comment but so far received no response.