Fátima Sanctuary

Upcoming Algarve History Association events

The Algarve History Association (AHA) has announced its events for January and February.

The next presentation by local historian Peter Booker will be on the Fátima Phenomenon. He will examine the context in which the appearances of the Blessed Virgin took place, and how the Roman Church and the Portuguese State responded to the three children at the heart of this issue.

In particular, he shows why these appearances took place at that particular time, how local people responded to these events and what effect they had on the country as a whole. More than a century later, how has the district of Fátima been affected by the outcome? The Tavira presentation will be at 11am on Friday, January 26 and in Lagoa at 6pm on Tuesday, January 30.

Algarve History Association will sponsor the next concert at Quintinha da Música, Tavira, on Sunday, January 28 at 4pm. AHA will host the violin-piano duo Après un Duo, featuring Romeu Madeira and Ingrid Sotolarova. They will present pieces by Dvořák, Janáček, Suk, Elgar, Fauré and Ravel among others. This concert promises an occasion to promote first-class musicians resident in the Algarve.

Tickets at €25 are available from Peter at [email protected]. He is also able to supply directions if necessary.

The programme in February will feature a presentation by Henry Work on the History of Barrels. He gave this presentation in Tavira two years ago, before people were properly ready for a re-start after the pandemic crisis.

He points out that all sea voyages, including those to India by Vasco da Gama, benefitted from the use of barrels, since there was no other way of storing liquids. And the reliance on barrels has been long-lasting.

They were an important part of the export trade of fish from the Algarve until the invention and adoption of canning. Barrels are used even today in the refining of wines and spirits and are, therefore, still an important part of life. The reasons for the different sizes of barrel, and their use for different purposes, is fascinating. Presentations will take place in Tavira on Friday, February 23 and in Lagoa on Tuesday, February 27.

For more information, email [email protected]