Unworkable tolls system

Dear Editor,

Have arrived from the UK last Sunday and just read your article regarding A22 Tolls.  

When we arrived on Sunday morning at Faro Airport, we were obliged to sign a blank credit card payment to cover any autoroute charges against our hire car on our last day when we will drop the car at Faro Airport.  

We were advised that we should pay any other autoroute tolls ourselves by visiting a Post Office 48 hours after any autoroute journey. This we did today, Wednesday, to pay last Sunday morning’s toll from Faro to Lagoa.  

The Post Office in Lagoa was really helpful but could find no outstanding payment due for our hire car registration. It is surmised that it has been paid by someone else.

However, we were advised that we should try again later in the week as we had until Monday for any payment to be made.  

What evidence would we have to support the fact that we have tried to pay a toll that we know we are due but cannot be located?

It is a concern that incorrect information could subsequently result in us being held responsible for an unpaid toll.  

The second point that we would make is that we asked how we will handle our situation later in the year when we will have driven our own car down from UK.

When we leave Portugal we will do so by using the A22 towards Seville. 48 hours later we will be nowhere near a Portuguese Post Office.

It was suggested that other people are buying a €10 five-day ticket for the final journey which from Lagoa to Spain will cost just over €9.

Apparently a five-day ticket is cheaper than a three-day ticket – why – who knows?

We want to pay in a sensible manner and the current situation seems chaotic.

We would support any campaign to stop the tolls until there is a correct and sensible method of payment.