‘Unsinkable’ biscuit created for  tea dunking lovers

Dunking biscuits into a nice cup of tea will become a less soggy experience thanks to an ‘unsinkable’ biscuit.

Biscuit dunkers will no longer have to fish to the bottom of their cup of tea for broken lumps of biscuit as a chef has claimed that he has created a snack that can be dunked for up to one or two minutes.

Felice Tocchini from the Fushion Restaurant in Worcester has created a biscuit that contains sweet potato, which is the key ingredient for making the biscuit stronger.

The layers of the vegetable are mixed with oats and flour which helps the biscuit resist from crumbling.

In comparison, a digestive biscuit crumbles after 10 seconds of being dunked into a hot drink.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk