Unsafe buses

I have just spent two weeks in Albufeira on holiday. I visit often as my mum lives here. I have a newborn baby of only three months and can say that the local bus service is the most unsafe “child-friendly” way to travel! In the UK the pushchair is able to board the bus and stay up with baby strapped safely inside with the brake on. I have been able to board the bus here with the pushchair, but a few drivers have demanded that I take the baby out to hold in my arms! How is this even legal – let alone safe – as there are no seatbelts to secure the child? If the bus stopped suddenly, I would fall forward and injure the baby on the seat in front. Surely it is much safer for the baby to stay strapped in the pushchair? It has made my visit very frustrating and angry at the local transport. If it is law to sit with the baby in your arms, why have I been told by only two drivers to do this? It seems the Portuguese do not want tourists and do not make us feel safe and welcome. I am thinking of taking further action against them on return to the UK.
T. Stillman
By email