Unrepentant Euromillionairess buys new Maserati two days after accident that writes off Quattroporte

With the people’s paper still complaining that she hasn’t filled out the due paperwork, flamboyant Euromillionairess has shown how the other half live by replacing the Maserati she wrote off in an accident earlier this week, and ignoring all calls to assume blame.

The impasse leaves the lorry that suffered damaged in the contretemps unable to be sent for repair.

Owner Manuela Teixeira is complaining that if Amélia de Jesus – who won €51 million in 2013 – refuses to do the right thing, she will take the former cleaning lady to court.

But as the wrangle is splashed yet again over the country’s best-read tabloid – with all kinds of lurid allegations as to Jésus’ lack of proficiency behind the wheel – Diário de Notícias has revealed that the well-heeled woman has “already ordered a replacement” for the €200,000 Quattroporte that now lies damaged beyond repair somewhere.

Confirming to DN that she has no intention of fessing up to having caused the accident in the backwater of Ariz, Marco de Canaveses on Monday, she said:

“The car has its front totally destroyed, and I have fully comprehensive insurance. I am not going to wait for the insurer to pay. I have ordered a car, but I have to wait for around three months” before it is ready.

The new mean-machine at Jésus’ well-manicured fingertips comes in the form of a Maserati Levante, says the paper.

The non-nonsense millionairess “set off to a stand in Porto in a Porsche Macan” to seal the deal.

As to the value of the Levante, DN affirms it will be “even more expensive” than the Quattroporte as the model “only started being sold in Portugal this month”.

Meantime, people’s tabloid Correio da Manhã reports that this was not the first accident involving La Jésus. It is apparently the third – and the second in Ariz.

Meantime, luckless truck driver José Cunha claims he was travelling at 35 k/ hour when the Quattroporte struck him across the bows and ploughed into a brick wall to avoid an oncoming car.

To top the indignity, Amélia de Jesus is understood to have hurled insults at Cunha after he leapt out of his cab to see if she was all right (click here).

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