“Unprecedented” shipment of 3700 head of cattle exported to Israel from Sines

More than 3660 head of Portuguese cattle are on the high seas today after being shipped to Israel from Sines in what the national media has described as an “unprecedented” departure and “clear sign” that exports are picking up.

“These are a lot of animals”, Sines’ ports director João Franco told journalists. “We have never done anything quite like this before”.

Around 85% of the cattle will be used for production in Israel, he explained, while the rest are destined for slaughter.

The loading operation took place over two days.

In all, the cattle will be at sea for six days, with arrival in Haifa, Israel scheduled for Friday.

Forty tons of straw and 300 tons of cattlefeed was being loaded on to the massive container ship as TVI24 interviewed João Franco.

No mention was made of hygiene arrangements during the voyage, but Franco did say this was the first of what the port hoped would be a number of exports of this kind.

“All kinds of merchandise and animals can be moved here”, he added. “But what is important is the contribution operations like this make to the national economy”.

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photo credits: hotrodcowgirl.com