Unpaid salaries at Montechoro Hotel

HOTEL MONTECHORO in Albufeira is at the centre of a dispute over unpaid salaries.

The four star Hotel Montechoro, which is one of the longest established hotels in Albufeira, charges 218 euros for a suite in peak season and is popular with British and Irish visitors to the region.

According to a report in Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manha, around 200 employees at the hotel have not been paid a salary for two months.

A former employee at the Montechoro resort in Albufeira has confirmed to The Resident that the problem of unpaid salaries is an ongoing one and dates back at least three years .

“I know of several cases where colleagues were not paid for up to three months,” the source revealed.

He added that the hotel always seemed to be busy during the time he was employed there but said the staff were consistently told there was no money.

Acting manager of the Hotel Montechoro, Nelson Pascoal, confirmed that the hotel has between 150-160 regular staff on a payroll and added that this figure increases during peak periods or events at the hotel.

He said he was not in a position to pass comment on the current situation as it was a matter for the hotel administration.

Paulo Duarte, hotel administrator, usually spends two to three days per week in the Algarve. He is also in charge of the Montechoro Club 99 in Albufeira. At the time The Resident went to press on Wednesday, Mr Duarte was unavailable for comment.