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Unnecessary complexity

Dear Editor,

Like many of the readers of the Algarve Resident, I am furious and agitated by the incompetence of the people that have introduced this very basic of systems that most of the world can deal with but it seems Portugal can’t.

I have a property in the Algarve so visit the region on a frequent basis. As much as I am against the introduction of the tolls for all of the reasons that have already been identified, if I am to accept the tolls then let us at the very least have a system that is simple to operate and understand.

Why on earth is it not possible to purchase an electronic tag that can be topped up by a credit card from wherever you are in the world and that can be used on any vehicle.

The government get their money and the users are given an easy to use system. This system operates in the UK and other parts of the world very successfully.

I cannot understand why there is so much unnecessary complexity introduced into the toll system which has now alienated so many of the residents and visitors to the Algarve.

In addition it has wasted so much money, which no doubt will have to be paid for by the taxpayers of Portugal.

As for the wasted time and money to be spent on the only alternative route the N125 and the increase in lives lost due to the inevitable increase in accidents, that is yet another element that the authorities seem to have ignored.

A very disappointed part-time resident!

DINO ISONE, By email

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